Lori's Company Principles

The following company principles guide our work internally and underlies our commitment to customers: 

Mission Driven 

We (staff) should all be an embodiment of the Lori mission - to drive down the cost of goods.

Customer Obsession 

Our business is the customer, both shippers & transporters. Without the customer, we don't have a business. We ensure hyper customer communication and delivery to the highest standards.  


At Lori, we recognize and invest in exceptional and diverse talent. We respect and support both internal and external stakeholders in building a diverse and collaborative community around logistics. 


Transforming an industry requires hard work, a resolve to break through walls and a commitment to conquer the impossible. We execute in the present and refuse to procrastinate. 


Communication is paramount to ensuring we deliver on our promise of transparency and success to our partners and teammates; it allows for peace of mind. 


We are each accountable for delivering on both individual and company responsibilities. We support each other as owners in driving deliverables through to the finish line. 


Timelines ensures better planning. Better planning drives efficiency. Efficiency drives lower cost to the system. This standard is set internally and externally.  


Our business requires immense attention to detail; we ensure data & information accuracy. 


We maintain a high moral standard in all dealings and tasks. 


As Lori scales, we embrace and are committed to the growth of one another through continuous learning, self-awareness, and inquiry. 


We maximize value with minimal resources and remain cost conscious with our mission and stakeholders in mind.